About Us

Who are we?

Cardiff chemicals, established in 1989, is committed to providing high quality rare organic molecules, biochemicals and natural products. We baegan in the process developments and manufacture of Insect Pheromones for trap manufacturing. During the last 25 years we have been developing methods for the development of intermediates, pheromones and others difficult to produce compound as well as many natural products.

What makes us different?


Supply of High purity products with Time bound delivery

We can also manufacture any compound which does not appear in our catalog. Our custom synthesis department has become one of our faster growing segments and we are fully committed to on-time development, production and the delivery of fine chemical intermediates and high purity materials.


Large scale capabilities

We work closely with many outstanding manufacturing partners to supply fine chemicals and pharmaceutical ingredients which gives us a broad range of chemical synthesis capabilities.


High value products

Our custom synthesis department has a broad experience in the synthesis of low volume, high value products for biotech and pharmaceutical applications.



Cardiff chemicals substantial experience gives Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Nutraceutical companies the abilities to Contract out their own Research and Development needs thus reducing their costs and deadlines.

How it all started...

While working on the synthesis of various pheromones at the Cardiff University it was realised that there is a need of manufacture of neat pheromones to the various Pheromone formulation companies accross the globe.

It was easy to locate the suppliers of formulated pheromones but there were very few companies who could supply neat pheromones. Thus our company was set up to fill this gap and also to make rare organic molecules, biochemicals and natural products.

Our goals

  • To synthesis and develop new Pheromones and rare molecules
  • To work with companies for bulk production in order to save cost
  • To increase our natural product protfolio
  • To transfer the developed and patented technologies to various customers